Ruby Rendezvous

Method Call, Proc, and Beyond

Agnieszka Małaszkiewicz at Fractal Soft

Mastering Ruby's Methodology: Unleashing the Power of Procs, Mapping Techniques, and Rubinius' to_proc Method

Unlocking the Potential of Ruby: Deep Dive into Method Invocation, Proc Utilization, and the Intricacies of map and to_proc

Ruby Rendezvous: Method Call, Proc, and Beyond

Wrocloverb 2020 - agenda

I joined Ruby community when...

Ruby 1.9.3
Rails 3.0

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Horse holding a cat slide from Wat presentation

A lightning talk by
Gary Bernhardt from CodeMash 2012

Call a method in Ruby

Gregory Witek blog post title page
Nick Schwaderer giving a Ruby Archaeology talk on RailsConf 2022

Proc call

Agnieszka's twit - Did you know that there is one more way to call a method using Proc?
Gregory's twit - Wow that's a good one! Btw do you know when it was added to Ruby?

Proc in case

Call method with argument

Say my name

Beyonce singing - Say me name


Snape saing obviously


Call map with argument method

Hash in map

Passing argument to map

1 + 2

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### Links - [Ruby doc about double colons]( - [Rubinius]( - [Ruby current Proc doc]( - [Ruby Proc doc 1.9.1]( - [Ruby Proc doc 1.8.6]( - [Method#curry]( - [Ruby map(&:method) syntax - meaning & usage]( - [Method object]( - [Functional programming in Ruby]( - [Iterators in Ruby]( - [Things you didn't know about Ruby](
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Agnieszka Małaszkiewicz

agnieszka (at) fractalsoft (dot) org