Occupational Burnout Syndrome

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Notes: - 5 lat temu project legacy - 2 lata - super - rok 3 - tak sobie - rok 4 - część etatu - rok 5 - odchodzę - Agnieszka Małaszkiewicz - nowe technologie w rolnictwie - prawie dekada doświadczenia - team leader, mentor - współwłaściciel firmy Fractal Soft - zainteresowania: good code standard, refactoring, testing

First things first

Occupational Burnout Syndrome

It is not an illnesses or a medical condition.

It can have an impact on health.

It is a group of symptoms, body reactions linked to long-term stress in work.



Stress curve

What we can do?

Work you like

Programming in the forest


Laptop, book and phone in shackles

Supportive people around

Many hands put together


Balanced stones

Live in many ways

City roads at night

Less stress

Cat in the pot

Communication skills

Meeting with people at work

Follow your values

Hand with compass

Go to the specialist

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