How to focus?

Improve your efficiency

Agnieszka Małaszkiewicz at Fractal Soft

Notes: - feel irritation, chaos, exhaustion - lose focus - more work to do - step back and different perspective
Notes: - 7 years of work remotely for customers - from office & home - digital nomad during travels - Agnieszka Małaszkiewicz - full-stack developer - interested in good code standard, refactoring, testing - co-owner of Fractal Soft company

Environment set up
Real work

Environment set up

Table with tools

Eliminate distractions

Phone screen with apps notifications


Brain with colorful right and logical left hemisphere

Pen & paper

Laptop, notebook and pen


Old telephone


Old computer


Old mailbox

1 workspace = 1 app

Messy workshop

1 workspace = 1 app

  1. Mailbox - Thunderbird
  2. Browser - Google Chrome
  3. Text editor - VS Code
  4. Communicator - Slack
  5. Terminal - Guake

One screen only

Work triggers

Alarm clock

Real work

Welding man

Day before

Notebook with todo list

Start early morning

Tasty breakfast

The most challenging task

Woman in a gym

Set a break

Stretching cat

Next focus block

Camera lens in the hand


  • Take care of your environment
  • Remove distractions
  • Plan your work day
  • Set your work routine

One more thing

Caption: Take it easy
Woman on Rails logo


Woman on Rails logotype

Agnieszka Małaszkiewicz

agnieszka (at) fractalsoft (dot) org